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Q - How many homes do you build each year?

A - ASJH builds one home each year. 


Q - Why do you only do one home per year?

A - Everyone who works in support of ASJH is a volunteer, and most of them have full-time jobs.  Many devote their annual vacation to build these homes.


Q - How are candidates for homes selected?

A - A Soldier’s Journey Home works with a variety of military and veterans services organizations to identify candidates who are in need. Candidates are then vetted by the ASJH Board of Directors.. 


Q - Do you really build a house in 12 days?

A - Yes.  The preparation for the build (land clearing, grading, bringing utilities to the site, and foundation) are done several months in advance, but the rest of the build, including construction of the home, electricity, water, plumbing, landscaping, furnishings, etc., are all done in 12 days. 


Q - Is there a particular region of the country you build in?

A - No.  ASJH builds wherever the selected candidate wants to live. 

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